Eve Tracker  (Your lazy provider for random Eve tools)

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Current Features:
- Search for items, blueprints and skins
- View prices per region
- Create private baskets for faster access to favorite items

- Fresh prices will be fetched every 60 minutes on demand
- Prices can be updated after 5 minutes if you are logged in

- for now only buy orders for citadels available (trailing "[C]")
  requires the 'read_structures' permission

@todo update description
- Create & join OPs
- Keep track of isk per member & alt

- FC features:
- Close and reopen the OP
- Promote someone else to FC
- Calculate & save payout per member
- modify isk per member before calculation (wont be saved)

Role Management
@todo update description
- PvE-OPs:
- Create OP
- Join OP

- When you'r not the FC:
- Close & reopen the OP
- Promote someone to FC

- CorpCart:
- Reset supplier regardless of owner and status
- Close order regardless of owner and status

- Role Management:
- Create and delete roles (on deletion all role-associations will be deleted as well)
- Assign roles to corp-members

(if you (your corp) try this out for the first time make your CEO login and assign rights and roles via the menu)